Antenna Line-Of-Sight Evaluation

3D Line of site evaluation for long range wifi antenna alignment

Calculating a line-of-sight signal path can be a challenge if there are trees obstructing your view of the topography.  A hillside or too many trees can kill your signal.  So how can we draw a perfectly straight line over one KM long to find out what our signal will need to penetrate?  Using a digital 3D model made with imagery acquired with a drone, we can draw a line from point to point and explore the obstacles  along the way.  We can also use this model to help us point our directional antenna.  Since we wanted to keep the maximum detail on this model, the file size is quite large (85 MB).  You can view it live (expect some loading time) or download the HTML file for off-line viewing.

Live Demo        Download

Here are the steps to making a model like this:

  • Mission flown with a DJI Phantom 4
  • DroneDeploy mobile app was used to pilot the drone
  • Pix4D was used to process the imagery
  • Blender was used for 3D editing and export to HTML

In order to get good tree detail, we flew this mission at 400 feet with 90% front lap and 80% side lap.  Flying high and using high image overlap is key to getting treed areas.  If you want to work with imagery like this, feel free to contact us.  If you are outside the North Idaho area, we can work with you or a drone pilot near you to acquire the imagery.  Flying the drone is pretty easy.   You basically draw out a shape on a map, then add in altitude and image overlap.  The drone then flies the route and takes a batch of images.  If you are a drone pilot, you can add this kind of service without any additional hardware.  As time allows, I can process a trial batch of images for free so you can see how it works.


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