Blend4Web Now Supports Leap Motion

The Leap Motion being used with a normal PC

With release 17.08, Blend4Web now supports use of  Leap Motion hand tracking technology.  Never before have we been able to reach into a website and pick something up.  Here is a little demo video produced by the Blend4Web team:

This video shows the technology being used with a standard PC but since Blend4Web already supports WebVR, it is only a matter of some configuring to get your hands into VR as well.  We will be attempting that in the coming days.  Most of the hype around the Leap Motion hand sensing technology is centered around VR.  After seeing it used with a normal PC on a page loaded over the internet, it occurs to me that there could be much larger implications for this.  It is far cheaper and easier to set up than VR and the number of website viewers vastly exceeds the number of VR users.

Another area of use that could have big implications is mobile VR.  This is already in the works.  The reason I think this will be huge, is that with a mobile device stuck to your face, you lose the ability to interact with the touch-screen.  The Leap Motion could conceivably give your more control possibilities than the touch-screen ever did.  Browsing the web on a mobile device has always been a little annoying to me, like trying to watch a movie through a hole in the wall.  With this technology, the web page could be a large screen hovering before your with you hands free to interact with it.

Already have your Leap Motion? Try the demo:

Live Demo


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