Drone Image Processing

Processing software can be expensive and complicated.  You also need some serious GPU power in your computer.  Sometimes it can be more cost effective to have someone else do your image processing.  Being geeks in that area, we can also provide you some results that require a stack of different technologies.  Pix4D is great but sometime you might also want a spherical image from the location.  We can take the imagery generated from a panorama-capable piloting app like Litchi and convert it into an HTML spherical image viewable by anyone with no special software or even on your website.  And  we can also do the staple features that Pix4D excels at:

  • GeoTIFF image mapping
  • Area, distance and volume measurements 
  • 3D textured model production
  • Process 3D scanning image batches

Using additional technology we can:

  • Add non-existent structures to a 3D model
  • Remove existing features. 
  • Convert 3D models to web-ready HTML
  • Create self-contained HTML 3D modeled for easy sharing
  • Create interactive 3D animated applications and presentations

So if you already have a drone, you can leverage your existing hardware to accomplish some amazing things.

How much is this going to cost you?  Well, I generally charge for human-time and not computer processing time unless the project is huge.  Our hardware it built for this.  So a project that only requires Pix4D processing can run about $75 depending on the size.  I have found a great variation in what people want so the best way to get a good idea of cost is to do a free trial project.  As time allows we can work for free on a project with you and then give you a sample bill for what we did.  Feel free to get in touch.