Drone Imaging

Autonomous mapping mission flight

With drone imaging, we fly a drone on a pre-programmed grid to take an array of images.  Using software like Pix4D or OpenDroneMap, we can process these images into a 3D model of the area.  Then, using Blender and Blend4Web, we can render these models into a web-ready format that anybody can view.  Even mobile devices can view these applications.

Logyard inventory in Pix4D

This has many uses in different types of land development.  We have used it extensively in wetland development.  With Blend4Web, we can publish our drone acquired imagery in a 3D, HTML format that anybody can view without special software.  Beyond just that, we can add buildings or features that are not there yet.  We can measure the area and volume of stockpiles, and even simulate flood planes on prospective wetland.

3D water fill
Wetland water fill model using drone acquired imagery and Blend4Web

Live Demo

We can fly sites that are in this area but we can process images from anywhere.  There are a number of piloting apps that will fly your drone on an automated mapping mission.  If you would like to have your imagery processed or would like to learn how to do it yourself, you have come to the right place.


The original is much larger.  You can download it below.  It has been converted from its original GeoTIFF format to lower the file size.


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