Everest Panorama Project Wins Reddot Award

A new project created with Blend4Web is buzzing around social media.  I first read about this project in this article by Andrey Prakhov.  This amazing web application includes a 3D map of the Mt. Everest region as well as panorama pictures taken at various points all the way up to the peak.

The Everest Panorama project powered by Blend4Web

Live Demo

 This is a very polished project complete with voice narration in Russian and English.  What this amounts to is a virtual tour of Mt. Everest.  You can navigate up the path to the peak in a very similar fashion that Google Street view works. It’s as close to Everest as your ever going to get while sitting at your desk!  I tried this in both Chrome and Mozilla.   They both ran it very well.  Hint: the F11 key puts your browser in full screen mode, works well with apps like this.
Oh, and did I mention?  This project won the reddot award!
I found a very nice video work-up about this project on YouTube (English subtittles).


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