About 3DXMedia

Measuring log decks in 3D space

3DXmedia combines drone scanning and imaging with 3D web technology to bring three dimensional imagery to anyone without the need for special software.  WebGL allowed us to embed 3D imaging into web-ready pages.

With an array if images taken by a drone, it is possible to produce a number of results:

  • Georeferenced mapping
  • 360 panoramas in HTML format
  • Textured mesh models
  • 3D Topography in HTML format
  • LAS Pointclouds
  • Custom web apps combining these methods

Drones give us new angles on life.  When leveraged with the right technology, this has huge implications on environmental monitoring, education, cartography and more.

To find out if 3DXMedia can help with you project,  feel free to contact us.