3D Web Application Development, Consulting and Training

Wetland restoration project
Wetland restoration project

Blend4Web has brought us the ability to move our 3D scenes  into web ready applications.   All major browsers now support WebGL which is the ability to render three dimensional content without a special plugin like Flash.  A fair amount of technical ability is required both in Blender and the JavaScript API.  Back in 2015 I began learning the Blend4Web API as well as the necessary skills in Blender to produce 3D web applications.  I have been and active member of the Blend4Web Community Forum since that time.

Geo-services: Drone Acquired Imagery To 3D Web Applications 

Measuring log decks in 3D space

I acquired my FAA commercial drone license as soon as they became available through the FAA in 2016.  At that time, I turned my drone hobby in to professional drone mapping and imaging.  Using the imagery produced by an automated drone flight, we can build 3D models of environmental projects, construction sites, calculate pile volumes in stock yards and even measure the vertical square footage of log decks.

Environmental Wetland Restoration And Consulting

3D water fill
Wetland water fill model using drone acquired imagery and Blend4Web

Years of experience in restoring wetland from industrial waste sites has given me unique opportunities to utilize the power of drones and 3D visualization to plan, implement and monitor construction of new wetland habitat areas.

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