Verge3D Launches

Verge3D has just launched their first release.  Version 1.0 starts out with a suite of powerful features.

Key Features…

  • One click HTML preview render
  • Visual logic programming using Blockley
  • Utilizes the three.js engine with no coding required
  • PBR Materials
  • Local development server
  • Browser based Application Manager
  • Utilizes glTF (GL Transmission Format)

Verge3D is a 3D web development platform that uses Blender (other CAD platforms are planned) to create 3D web content. Using the already-powerful three.js engine and the glTF transmission format, Verge3D enables you to create objects, scenes and entire 3d web applications for your website. This platform includes a local development server and a browser-based application manager. A powerful visual coding function allows artists to add logic functions to their application with no coding required. A one-click HTML preview allows you to export your scene instantly to see how it will handle in a browser.
You can download Verge3E at


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