Verge3D Puzzles Visual Logic

In this overview of the visual logic system used by Verge3D, I show you how the Blockley based visual programming logic can build interactivity into your 3D web applications.  In the Verge3D SDK, this system is called “Puzzles”.

With this system, you can manipulate objects, materials and animations from your Blender scene.  Since Verge3D uses the three.js engine, you can go from Blender to three.js without any coding.  Three.js has been a popular and powerful 3D platform for a long time.  But unless you did some heavy JavaScript coding, it was not very accessible.   Now, Verge3D has bridged that gap.  You can build a scene in Blender (more 3D CAD platforms are planned), handle the logic in the Puzzles editor and publish directly to a web-ready WebGL format.

Download the .blend file for this project here.

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